Le misure della moda
Conceptual system
Back neck drop
Domain:  Fashion measurement
Subdomain (1st level):  Garment measurements
Subdomain (2nd level):  Outerwear/coat measurements, Dress measurements, Swimwear measurements, Top/bodice measurements
Grammatical category:  Noun phrase
Grammar notes:  Uncountable
Definition:  Distance between highest and lowest point of rear side of simple collar, without band
Definition source:  Di Pierro 04
Context:  Front Neck drop for sleeveless shirt (small) is 13 inches, back neck drop is 5
Context source:  Rediff Shopping: http://shopping.rediff.com/shopping/popups/switcher_sizec.htm 2004
Attestation:  3
Contains:  Back (adj), neck drop
It:  Luce collo dietro
Degree of reliability:  10
Image source:  Prod. Di Pierro 04